Ritzenhoff are specialists in the creation of captivating glassware. The German based family run design label create an extensive line of premium glassware items including receptacles based around the drinks of milk, beer, champagne and spirits.

The company’s designs are always worthy of attention. They are adept at incorporating the work of various exciting designers into their overall catalogue, and by doing so, draw attention to the striking work being done by the new design teams. Here are some beautiful examples of its deftness of touch and brilliant attention to striking contemporary artistry.


The above Milk Glass has a gorgeous  colourful design by Sieger Design. The limited edition glass uses the high impact of a colourful star shape to beautifully contrast against the unfilled glass, or the white of milk in a filled glass. Providing 250ml of capacity, the glass is dishwasher safe and would make a beautiful addition to the kitchen cabinet.

Designed by the brothers Christian and Michael Sieger, the glass is a great example of how well the different designs can work on the glass of Ritzenhoff.


Ritzenhoff have drawn in designer from all over the world to work on their glassware features. All kinds of drinks, too! The Beer Glass design by Sonia Pedrazzini is another wonderful part of the production output. The golden diamond band across the glass creates a smart and attractive look. Great for enjoying a cool beer.


The designers Neri and Hu have imbued their Champus Champagne Glass with a distinctive touch of elegance and beauty. The subtly etched ink-like pattern on the glass inspires dreams of smoke clouds and provides a mysterious eloquence ideal for evening celebrations. Ideal as a gift, or for simply always being on hand for special occasions.


The stylish Gin Tonic Glass from D.C. Holmes and Ritzenhoff displays an artistic touch and contemporary  finish perfect for enjoying a drink with friends. The glowing sun design on the glass calls to mind relaxed summer evenings, and chilling out with a cool and refreshing beverage.


Another Beer Glass and another high-impact and unique design. This Large Beer Glass (above) is from the talented illustrator Christian Montenegro, who has developed a brilliant combination of graphic art and digital design. This piece provides an inspired and unforgettable design, drawing on imaginative and dreamlike imagery to bring a wonderful glass specifically produced for wheat beer. With a shape made to keep wheat beer fresh and of the perfect consistency, the glass brings both design and production to the forefront to great effect.

December 27th, 2018

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