Kahler are a name synonymous with craft and precision. The Scandinavian company have built up a strong reputation over its long history for bringing a studied finesse to all of its products and designs. Well known for ceramic and pottery items, its latest collection combines the beautiful work of the labels’s handcraft with candle light to bring an exciting addition to the world of lighting and illumination.

The latest development in Kahler’s continuing quest to provide fascinating designs for the home is the above Urbania Tea Light Houses. Capable of filling a room with delicately produced candle light housed in ceramic models of buildings and tower blocks, the light houses bring the essence of a modern city into the home with beautiful silhouettes playing across the scene. The constructs are available in many different styles and sizes so you can have fun producing you r own cityscapes of candlelight.

The beautiful scenes can be brought even more into focus by adding additional pieces to it. The Urbania Kubis Lighthouse (above) could be the final piece in your own personal home design of light and ideas. Featuring hand crafted windows and openings for the tea light to shine its way around the room, the ceramic lighthouse offers another element to consider.


Another impressive section that can be used for the overall effect is the Urbania Basilica Lighthouse. With a height of 15cm and width of 13cm, the design is inspired by the high ceilings and vast alcoves of  medieval churches. The piece brings a lovely feeling of attractive and peaceful ambiance to an interior. All of the pieces benefit from the superb quality of Kahler’s  ceramics, and this is no exception.

Kahler have also designed a wide range of other non-Urbania inspired lighting items.

The curvaceous nature and striking elegance of the Globo Candle Holder, Grey yet more evidence for the company’s prowess at producing remarking homeware items of illuminating beauty. The candle holders are available in small, medium and large, and show off a style and invention impressive in its scope. The handcrafted Scandinavian candle holders feature Kahler’s loving attention to detail, and have a roughly created earthy feel to the touch. The stoneware items can be carefully cleaned with a soft washing up brush.

Ideal for making an elegant style statement around the home, the candles are another successful part of Kahler’s distinctive and imaginative repertoire.


December 21st, 2018

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