Candlelight holds a certain magic and mystery to it. Whether dining, reading or simply relaxing, candles and the naked flame – or the appearance of one – provide a romantic sense of elegance and promise.

Some top design houses are well aware of the power of candlelight to bestow a charming addition to the home and to captivate any onlooking glances. Here at Dotmaison we too are big fans of how a well deployed candle can transform the whole look and feel of an interior.

The latest candles don’t even have to be of the traditional candle and wick and open flame variety. An item such as the above Sirius Sara LED Candle, Caramel for example, makes use of a flickering flame provided by the modern science of an LED light. This mimicking of a real fiery flame showcases the level of detail that is now available to the more technologically astute design companies.

This particular Sirius item is made from real wax and, with the added safety and confidence of an electronic artificial flame with timer, offers total user control over the illumination and light given out. The battery operated candles offer a beautiful ambiance with built in timer function and switch operated on and off.

The above Hold Lantern by Sagaform offers a unique and enticing design featuring mouth-blown glass. Beautifully charming either with a candle or not, the holder can make an elegant addition to a bookcase or any table surface. The clear and gold colour composition of the lantern marks it out as a wonderfully attractive piece to have around the home.

The Arch Candle Holder, Brass by Ferm Living provides a wonderfully artistic touch to any living area. The elegant and stylish curve in the production brings an enticing view of where to place a candle. You could match it with your favourite candles to provide a wonderful glow withing the exciting composition of holder and flame.

A superbly elegant and artistically created candleholder is offered by Lassen with the Kubus 8 Candle Holder, Black. Featuring the unique style of Mogens Lassen, the contemporary style of the Kubus is great for bringing some Scandinavian style into the home.

With the square production of the piece capable of holding up to 8 separate candles, the lacquered steel production creates a striking centrepiece wherever it is used. A truly exceptional way to make a statement with illuminating candlelight and beautiful artistic design.

July 11th, 2019

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