With a sophisticated air and a beautiful presentation of floral designs, the new bedding and cushions from Oasis are ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere around the home.

Bedrooms and living areas can be brightened up significantly with the finely produced items, which all benefit from the company’s excellent production techniques and beautiful artistry.

The following bedding items and cushions from Oasis are now available at Dotmaison. Consisting of four collections of bedding and matching cushions, the offerings from Oasis are guaranteed to bring a spring-like sense of warm beauty to the home!

The above Exotic Bedding from Oasis details a fantastic grouping of floral exotica. With a dreamy palate of warm colours on white background, the duvet cover and pillowcase set is imbued with an artistic finery certain to provide comfort and relaxation.

The matching Exotic Cushion provides a lovely way to bring a certain artistic finery to any seat or settee. Created from polyester velvet, the cushion is soft and wonderfully comfortable. With its timeless colours and beautifully inviting floral pattern, the cushion invites relaxation.

The Leighton Multi Bedding by Oasis brings a stunning display of rich colours and playful birdlife flying amidst bold flowers and plants. A wonderfully tranquil scene, the design is emboldened by the excellent production techniques offered. Premium cotton with a 180 thread count provides a breathable and comfortable material ideal for rest and relaxation.

Living spaces can also benefit from this beautiful design with the Leighton Multi Cushion. The 43x43cm cushion captures a rare dignified elegance and style, brought out in luxuriously detailed soft velvet. The striking colours and lively illustrative work offers a delightfully vivid scene to relax to.

Another wonderful Oasis bedding collection is the Renaissance Bedding. Providing a fantastically evocative and dramatic look, the duvet cover and pillowcases feature intensely dark blue background detailed with bold florals and flying birds. The rose pinks and emerald greens that are traced across the midnight blue bring a beautiful ethereal tone to the palate of colours. Another glorious passport to a world of dreams from Oasis.

The accompanying Renaissance cushions offer the chance to mix and match across the whole home. Sitting pretty in living rooms and studies, the cushions bring comfort, artistry and style all together in a delightfully elegant and finely crafted creation.

Check out the entire Oasis at Dotmaison collection to see how these timeless works can transform your living spaces in perfect style!

April 18th, 2019

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