Fillings: natural-filled pillows will have a mix of feathers and down – a firmer pillow has more feathers, down adds softness. For synthetic pillows, ideal for allergy sufferers, look for cluster fibres (which provides the closest feel to a down pillow but can be washed at 60ºC, the temperature which kills dust mites). Latex foam provides firm support and shape and won’t collect house dust.

Firm or Soft: It depends on personal preference but whatever you choose, ensure your neck and back are always in alignment, maintaining the natural curves of your spine. A good combination is a down pillow on top and a feather/down pillow for support on bottom. If you sleep on your side, firm pillows are usually best and ensure the pillow fills the gap between your head and shoulders so your neck is correctly aligned. For sleeping on your back, try medium support pillows, for those with narrow shoulders or lying on stomachs, a soft pillow works best. Orthopaedic pillows are pre-shaped to fully support the neck and head. Natural-filled pillows keep their shape and level of support for longer than synthetic.

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September 5th, 2009

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