Eva Solo has a reputation for creating finely balanced contemporary pieces with a flair for the brightly striking and exciting. What better way of showing off the design houses’s style than by fixing up a pizza and serving it up to friends and family? The following products from the Danish brand show off a delightful style and reassuring ease of use, making them just the thing for when you want a pizza the action…

The Eva Solo Baking Stone (above) allows a first rate means at getting to the essential flavours and dynamism of a pizza. Drawing on traditional stone baking methods to produce the best possible pizza, the baking stone produces a delightfully crisp crust every time. This is realised by carefully drawing the moisture from the pizza base out and leaving beautifully finished pizza. The baking stone is able to be safely used in either the oven or the grill. Safe and reliable each time, the stone can be washed with warm water.

The Eva Solo Pizza Peel is just the thing for when you’re ready to serve up your pizza. The 32cm diameter is a good size for an average size pizza, and the protected silicone handle ensures safe transportation to and from the oven. Easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher, the Pizza Peel is a great way to highlight pizza at its very best.

And while we’re thinking about pizza, why not have a look at Villery & Boch’s Pizza Passion and Serving Dishes Collection? The company displays a clear love of cooking and enjoying food with these products. Delivering a great way to improve the means of making and serving food, the plates, trays and dishes are a further way to step closer to your own pizza perfection!

July 19th, 2018

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