Tea time can be a celebration of all sorts of things. A chance to chill out and have a chat with friends and colleagues, a simple time out or a re-energizing hot drink away from the work space. Whichever it is, it’s always a comfort to have stylishly designed home items to enjoy the tea break with. Here are some ideas that we here at Dotmaison think could have a welcome effect on the tea break.


The number one essential for a hot drink is hot water, so it makes perfect sense to have a kettle at the ready. But rather than having a drab workaday boiling implement, why not invest a little style in the kettle?

The above Scribble Square Flower Enamel Kettle is just the thing to introduce amazing colour and design into the everyday business of making a brew. Created by Orla Kiely, the kettle makes use of the company’s famous multi coloured floral print design to offer a bright look and welcoming visibility to the kitchen. The tea pot has a heat resistant handle satisfying all safety issues and a strong enamel lid, keeping everything in place when pouring the freshly boiled water. Can be used on all sorts of hobs and is capable of holding to 2l of water.


Another aspect of tea making almost as important as the initial boil is keeping the drink warm while it brews. In this case, a tea pot is the best option. The Dorothy Tea Pot For One by Repeat Repeat is a has been created in the shaped of a fig bringing an artistic edge to this piece. The bone china pot sits atop the generous tea mug with a lovely dot pattern surrounding the whole. A generous capacity of 450ml makes this ideal for an extended afternoon break.


The other absolutely essential part of serving tea is what to pour it into. For a gorgeous style and modern edge this set of two Retro Mugs by Sagaform is a great option. Providing a retro 1950s look with its decorated blue and green floral pattern, the set of stoneware mugs will make a great addition to any kitchen. The set uses a strong Scandinavian influence to bring a luxurious style perfect for an eye-catching and elegant look when enjoying a tea break.


August 28th, 2018

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