The summer months promise excitement, time off work or school and, hopefully, more than a few days of uninterrupted sunshine. When the holiday season approaches it’s always nice to know that the home – and most of all, the kitchen – is fully prepared for a spot of warm weather. With this in mind, here at Dotmaison we thought we’d showcase a few examples of how best to keep cool in style with a selection of designer items with refreshment at the heart of their design.

The Aqua Blown Jug by Guzzini (above) showcases this sort of colourful style with a unique design and distinctive look. The calming quality of the natural green colour can work in tandem with refreshing aqua to help keep thirst at bay. Bright in look and practical usage, the jug is a great example of how Guzzini have managed to create everyday items with style and finesse.


When on the subject of keeping cool, many people’s minds will turn to ice cream. If your thoughts tend to swing in that direction when the sun comes out, the above item may well be of interest. Also from Guzzini, and sporting a similarly crisp and lively hue of apple green, the vintage ice cream cup makes a perfect companion to a couple of scoops of ice cream – or gelato if you’re feeling continental. The lively style of Guzzini’s designs are great for bringing a happy and playful touch to the kitchen, something that is made even brighter by the sunshine!


When the sun’s shining and it’s nice and warm, many of us like to get and about. For times like those, it’s important to have the all important H2O ready to hand in order to quench that inevitable thirst. When that becomes the issue, this beautiful Gold Dots Insulated Tumbler by Kate Spade offers you the chance to enjoy your favourite cool drink anywhere. Arriving complete with lid and straw, the tumbler is a stylish and professionally attuned travel essential.



After a day out in the sun, what could be more welcoming than a freshly cooled quota of club drinks. The Club Ice Bucket Set by Sagaform promises precisely that. The wonderfully attractive set includes a bucket for storing the essential ice for your favourite drinks plus serving tongs for offering the all important cubes to friends and guests. Whatever your favourite tipple, sometimes we all need a little more ice in our lives… In any case,  here’s hoping the sun comes out in style this Summer!


May 12th, 2017

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