Beautiful colour mixes and stylish pattern work are things that Orla Kiely know only too well. Here at Dotmaison we are constantly impressed with how well the company continues to produce superlative work bringing in eye-catching styles using its trademark nature inspired prints.

When it comes to makeup and wash bags, Orla Kiely also have their skills ready to hand. The brand have a beautiful collection of products that are perfect for keeping essential make up items together in security, while also projecting a wonderfully vivacious image.  

Take the above Flower Stripe Makeup Brush Case by Orla Kiely. Ideal for keeping a group of makeup brushes safely together, the case benefits from the brand’s trademark visual style. The famous flower head pattern is this time coloured in orange and pink with a classic navy blue element. 

Made from 100% cotton and laminate, the case features a useful zipped pocket section just right for storing smaller tools and accessories. The 
With a neat zipper pocket which is also just the right size to store other makeup accessories. A lovely way to secure makeup brushes and other essentials for portable, day to day use. 

Beauty essentials are also beautifully stored with the Tulip Stem Train Case. The artfully produced case has a handy zipped interior pocket for accessories that need to be kept close to hand.

By using an eye-catching display of yellows and black with the popular tulip stem design, the retro style of the case provides a memorable look. The fabric is water-resistant and is made from an easy to wipe clean material, promising safe and secure use every day.

Also using the striking Tulip Stem pattern is the Tulip Stem Large Cosmetic Bag. Perfect if you need some extra space for all your make up and cosmetics, the bag features a secure zipping system to hold everything in place. Another great example of Orla Kiely’s fantastic way with bringing classic patterns into play, the bag is just the thing for a striking and beautifully detailed method of holding cosmetics and make-up items.

Taking a ruby red as its base colour for the pattern, the Sycamore Seed Cosmetic Bag is a lovely offering featuring Orla Kiely’s popular design. Created in a cotton and EVA mixture, the fully lined bag is easy to clean and is sure to be a long lasting addition to make up and cosmetic provisions.

Navy blue and pink combine with the red, to create a striking look for the beautifully finished bag. Also available as wash bags, the design is another classic option for everyone who like their essential items to be safe in style.

May 9th, 2019

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