It has to be said that not everyone in the world is convinced by the advantages of smartphone technology. Sure, they can allow you to check your emails faster and more conveniently and countless other applications, but for day to day living, do they really offer lasting benefits? Many people think so, and one project that strives to make an actual difference to the average household is the iLumi, a smartphone controlled light bulb that can last up to 20 years…

Super bright as well as smart, the iLumi LED bulb can be programmed by any of the major smartphones. Doing away with wires and leads, the bulbs make use of blue-tooth technology to be controlled up to 100 feet away.

Its makers claim that the iLumi bulbs can save energy use and costs by a substantial amount each year and could well be a smart solution for the tech savvy consumer. Capable of producing a rainbow of colourful shades, the bulbs are probably also great for parties!

For more on the iLumi check out their site.

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December 20th, 2012

Posted In: Eco Design

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