LSA International are a world renowned name when it comes to glassware. The company has built up a success story based on precision and a subtle deftness at glass treatments, bringing a wonderful formation of ideas into the home.

The latest designs from LSA carry their fantastic designs into a wholly environmentally friendly sphere, with all of the Canopy pieces being made from competently recycled glass.

From planters and vases perfect for home plants and flowers, to the impressive glassware of a homebar, LSA International has something to bring style and glamour to every home.

The Canopy Range from LSA has been launched in collaboration with the Eden Project, based in Cornwall. Each item is handmade from completely recycled glass to help reduce detrimental impact on the environment.

The packaging is made of completely recycled materials printed with organic inks. The collection proves that homeware design can be wonderfully stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time.

The above Canopy Recycled Vase is a beautiful way to show off plants and flowers in the home. The three differently sized vases have been fashioned out of 100% recycled glass. Created in partnership with the Eden Project, the wonderful vase has a lovely hourglass shape ideal for
grasses and wildflowers.

If you or a keen home gardener you know is looking to set up a collection of plants in the home, it might be interesting to make use of the whole range of Canopy Vases. The Canopy Trio Recycled Vase Set makes choosing whoch individual item to go for much easier! Bringing together the three variously fashioned 13cm high vases together in one group, the set is a lovely way to benefit from LSA’s handcrafted vases.

Organic growth and refinement is encouraged by the superbly crafted Canopy Recycled Closed Garden Terrarium. Available in two sizes, the recycled glass miniature garden creates a fascinating closed off space for observing the vitality of nature. Perfect for making a relaxing meditative piece to view and consider.

Not limited to indoor garden pieces, the more traditional LSA design for a home bar brings the fantastic Bar Culture Glassware into the home. The ideal way to spend a well earned drink, while contemplating the beauty of your latest home garden additions perhaps!

Glasses and jugs for all possible drink creations are included in the collection. The gorgeous range is certain to provide a wonderfully defined old world glamour into the home.

April 25th, 2019

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