Here at Dotmaison we’re a fan of anything that makes going to bed that little bit more relaxing. Great products and designs often strive to provide us with the best night’s sleep, but do they really have what it takes to deliver night after night?

We think the following excellent designs do just that, with a dedicated combination of elegance and finery with high quality production methods making a long-lasting and durable addition to the bedroom.

As well as warmth and comfort and a delicateness of touch, duvets and pillows greatly benefit from striking designs. A touch of artistry and pleasing patterns and colour coordination can really bring out the whole relaxing ambiance of the room.

Take the wonderful Aria Bedding by Karl Lagerfeld. The recently sadly passed creative designer at the head of the label was renowned for his pure style and excellence with fine patterns and prints.

The Aria duvets and pillowcases are no exception to this, and act as a great testament to the genius and bold flourishes that the designer always brought to his work. A study in monochrome with a subtle touch of pink colouring, the cotton sateen bedding is beautifully made and elegantly finished. Certain to bring an understated glamour to the bedroom ideal for creating a fashionable impression.

A unique sense of style is offered by the KBamboo Bedding by Kenzo. Bringing a whole world of delicately crafted cotton sateen bedding items, the range is illustrated in a gloriously retro collection of tropical imagery. Tigers, bamboo poles and palm trees all compete for your attention in a striking vision of warmth and exoticism.

The 300 thread count of the material certainly helps it to maintain its shape and feel, bringing a comfortable and warm offering of luxury design to the bedroom. The pillowcases and duvet covers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; find the ones that work best in your bedroom, and drift off to a tropical dream!

Throws are another useful piece to hold in the bedroom equation. Versatile and able to bring a feeling of luxury to any room, throws provide just the right amount of glamour and individual beauty.

The above Savoy Blush Throw from the Kylie at Home label brings a magnificent offering of sequin and sparkle to the bedroom. Created from
polyester satin that’s been extravagantly coloured and finished, the comfortable filling allows you to be perfectly cosy and warm in bed. As a style statement, it’s a brilliant way to finish off a whole striking new look for the bedroom.

April 9th, 2019

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