Life has a habit of surprising us. We all face an assortment of challenges to overcome every day. In the home, in the office and travelling around, there’s always the chance of something coming up unexpectedly.
For those times it’s best to be prepared. And the best way to prepare is to tool up!

That’s where the hard working designs of Pretty Useful Tools come in handy. Created with a view to providing help with a multitude of daily tasks, the brand’s products offer useful assistance in fine style. Available now at Dotmaison, the following selections act as a good introduction to the company’s finesse for providing the perfect solution to life’s little problems.

Shining a light on any lights-out situation is the Hideaway Flashlight, Gold. This compact and portable torch is ideal if you ever happen to find yourself in the dark. It also has a secret compartment in its casing ideal for storing small valuables. There’s also a bottle opener, making this just the thing to have packed when going into the country for a camping holiday. Powered by two 3v batteries, the flashlight certainly lives up to Pretty Useful Tools’s name.

For simple DIY problems in need of a solution look no further than the 9-in-1 Multi Tool, Pink Paradise. The smartly designed all in one kit contains six different sizes of hex keys and three screwdrivers. With that lot you can tighten and unscrew practically anything. A valuable piece to have in the shed or in the kitchen, the multi tool is another fine example of the brand’s superlative design ability.

A great gift idea, the Beauty Multi-Tool, Gold brings together a collection of valuable beauty instruments and puts them all into one package. The wonderfully useful set of six tools on offer has a comb, mirror, tweezers, nail file, nail scissors and nail clippers to make beauty styling easy. Especially handy for long distance travel and time away from home, the pretty set is finished in a charming gold effect.

As any keen DIYer will know, the list of household tasks is never truly completed. There’s always something else that needs looking at, and there’s always the chance that something else needs to be done. For all of those possibilities, the Kitchen Drawer Kit, Pink Paradise could be a real life-saver.  Comprising of a 6-in-1 hammer, tape measure and stainless steel scissors, the set is a valuable addition to any tool-kit. With its striking pink tropical pattern, you’ll never be lost without the right tools with this set.

Check out the full range of Pretty Useful Tools at Dotmaison for some excellent gift ideas and ways to reboot your DIY essentials!

October 25th, 2018

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