Meal times are times to enjoy the delight of food, the company of friends and family, and the satisfaction of a relaxed environment. Anything that can enhance the effect of such an occasion is only to be encouraged.

Here at Dotmasion we love to see the utilisation of a creative designer’s skill with dinner sets and crockery collections. The offering of finely produced plates, dishes and bowls can certainly make all the difference in a dinner time setting. Laying out a uniquely created dinner set also reveals something of the host’s style and artistic preferences.

With this in mind, it is a great time to see how well a dinner set concentrating on the beauty of floral artistry can bring out a range of ideas.

The Fields of Flowers collection from Rosti Mepal brings together a range of plates, dishes and bowls for the dinner table. With a mesmerising floral beauty, the items are perfect for displaying a keen love of colour and artistic patterns.

The above Fields of Flowers Flow Dinner Plate shows off the floral theme to its full potential. Fantastically produced over a lightweight melamine material, the plate offers a wonderful setting for any kind of meal. As with all the items in the collection, the plate can be used on a dinner table inside or for dining outside.

Easy to wash and clean and perfectly dishwasher safe, the plate is long-lasting and resolutely durable. It is a striking plate, and is sure to gain a lot of attention wherever and however it’s used.

Also from the same Rosti Mepal collection is the Fields of Flowers Deep Plate. This striking plate makes use of a deeper dish style plate, extremely useful for certain types of food, such as pasta. By having a deeper plate in your collection at home, you can mix the crockery to suit the meal accordingly.

Its lightweight density mixed with a tough melamine material make it a valuable plate to have in the kitchen for all sorts of different meal times. Great for formal or informal dining, the plate makes a variety of dinners a breeze.

The Fields of Flowers Flow Bowl is another item ideal for soups, pasta and noodles. Taking the captivating floral pattern and producing on a bowl shaped design, the item is another Rosti Mepal offering perfect to have in the dining room.

Another mealtime helped out with a crockery item to match is breakfast with the Fields of Flowers Flow Breakfast Plate. A beautiful plate for a nutritious start to the day, the combination of strong colours and floral patterns is perfect to welcome the coming day.

June 11th, 2019

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