When it comes to luxurious interior design statements, none make such a bold claim for style as a perfectly placed vase. The benefits of an interior display of flowers and plants are certainly numerous, with an increased sense of aesthetic beauty perhaps being the most obviously noticeable. A well balanced composition of greenery around the home is also great for reducing stress and improving air quality, two features that become ever more important year after year. A home in the city well stocked with luscious pants and vegetation can act as a sanctuary away from the stresses of the outside world. The fact that the plants also help to circulate healthy air by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen is another health factor integral to indoor plants popularity.


All of which goes to show that as well as looking great, indoor plants can help make us feel great too! We think that hard working house plants deserve to be shown off at their very best, which is why here at Dotmaison we love housing our plants in the very best designer vases. Take for example the wonderfully designed beauty of the omaggio vases by Kahler (above). Showcasing this kind of thinking in classic style, the simple hand painted vases are produced in high quality ceramic and provide a cool base for plants and flowers. At home in any room, the ceramic vases are ideal for memorable displays and a clean, healthy look around the home.




The Hot Spots vases from Rosenthal bring a flashier type of wonder to the table. The vases, designed by Christine Rathmann to celebrate the 100th birthday of Philip Rosenthal, provide a kaleidoscopic burst of colour perfect for captivating the senses and offering up a real visual feast. Featuring a variety of surfaces showing off a vast spectrum of colours and shades, the vases are just the thing for making a stunning addition to living areas. Creating a strong focal point in dining rooms or lounges, the Hot Spots vases are truly capable of making a memorable and artful display.


Villeroy and Boch are a company that also know the importance of an evocative and well designed vase. The company’s Numa Vase is available in a wide number of colours to bring about a calming presence in the home. Four layers of mouth blown glass help to provide a durable and pleasing level of creative craftsmanship. Ideal for positioning flowers and plants anywhere in the home, these are vases always worthy of a second admiring look…




March 24th, 2017

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