Kuhn Rikon Bisto Oil and Vinegar Set

The Swiss company Kuhn Rikon have been producing high quality cookware for nearly a hundred years, and this experience and knowledge of the fundamental needs of kitchens have helped propel them into being one of the most innovative and consistently interesting design houses around. A desire to create the best items taking in quality, safety features and ease of use have long been the hallmark of their products. Here at Dotmaison, we love their approach to all things helpful in the kitchen. Here are just a few of the beautifully presented products currently available…

The Bistro Oil and Vinegar Set (above) from the brand is a stylish and elegant product that brings all of the company’s core ideas into resplendent fruition. Ideal for making a statement in both the dining room and the kitchen, the set is a wonderful example of Kuhn Rikon’s commitment to ease of use and striking design. Comprising of a black stand with 2 matching bottles equipped with 3 different pouring settings, the professional standard of the set makes it a perfect compliment to the dinner table.

collander kuhn rikon

An all-important aspect in the make-up of culinary activity is the use of space in the kitchen. How to store all the items in a kitchen can have a huge impact on how easy it is to find items and produce quality work. Kuhn Rikon clearly understand this, and with their collapsible colander they offer a large colourful colander that can be easily collapsed and stored away.  A striking utensil available in both green and red.



apple knife

This apple knife from Kuhn Rikon provides a wonderful way to peel an apple. The knife has been carefully designed to be easily used by both left and right handed users and also uses a corer that cut through the apple easily. The blade is made of Japanese carbon steel and is non-stick coated. Allowing easy storage with the retractable blade, the knife is a great way to get the most out of an apple.


An essential in the kitchen is without doubt the casserole pot. This take on the item from the Swiss designers takes in a capacity of 3.5 litres and riveted handles making moving the dish around work-spaces easy and convenient. Available in a variety of colours, the stainless steel dish is a reminder of Kuhn Rikon’s emphasis on modernity, convenience and style.









July 14th, 2017

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