When winter’s on the wane, and the promise of spring looks ever more likely, it’s common for everybody’s mind to turn to the great outdoors. Enjoying time outside can take many forms, but it’s always nice to have a garden close by to make the most of sunshine and warmer weather. If you happen to have a garden or a balcony space there’ll be plenty of opportunity to put new designer gardening products to the test. And if gardening isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to relax outside. Sit back, relax, and take a look at some of the key ways to enjoy garden activities with Dotmaison.

Plants need water. This is as true in the garden as anywhere else, and this new Deuce Pitcher/Watering Can by Umbra Shift offers a lovely way to provide garden life with all the water it needs. Featuring a pleasant mint colour, the stainless steel can makes use of unique design perfect for making an impression while watering the plants.


If you have a little space in garden beds, the balcony, or an interior, you may be interested in growing some helpful culinary plants. Herbs are often easy to care for and can make a useful addition to the kitchen’s ingredients. When the herb leaves are ready to collect, scissors are used to help with the picking. These Herb Scissors by Sagaform allows a smooth snipping action, and are sure to help you to the best of your plants.


An essential part of gardening, for both outdoors and indoors, is in the potting. The provision of space in a pot to secure a young plant’s growth is an important stage of the process. These Potting Gloves from Orla Kiely are ideal for keeping your hands clean and protected while going about this relaxing activity. Fully lined with the stretchable wrist, and including the famous Orla Kiely print design, the gloves make an ideal gift for any keen gardener.


The above Bird Feeder by Eva Solo is just the thing to think of when you’re keen to transform your outdoor space for not only yourself but for the wildlife as well. The effectively stylish piece comprises a mouth-blown glass production and a design that allows hanging from tree branches. The simple style and see-through nature of the feeder provide plenty of chances to see nature at work. Great for giving something back to nature, the feeder can help transform the outside area into an appealing spot for wild birds.

March 22nd, 2018

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