It could well be said that the coffee table is the hardest working article of furniture in the whole home. It is often located in an interior that people use regularly, such as the living room or the hall. As such, it is important if it has some attention spent on it. Looking out for a new design or style of table could really stand you in good stead. After all, with such a practical and useful piece of furniture attracting glances and comments you really want it to stand out from the crowd. This is where the combination of a Wire Basket and a Wire Basket Top by Ferm could really come in (above).

The Wire Basket Top from Ferm Living has been produced to a high standard using a solid oak veneer and is perfectly designed to fit over a wire basket to produce a gorgeous Scandinavian style side table. The three different styles of top – Smoked Oak, Oiled Oak and Black Oak – are easy to care for and bring a remarkably stylish sheen to any living area. Easy to fit over the wire basket – also by Ferm Living – the result is an unconventional and suitably evocative side table bringing to mind thoughts and memories of northern European woodland.

The Wire Basket by Ferm Living itself is a multi-functional space ideal for the storage of anything around the home. Cushion, blankets, slippers and toys could all find a cozy place withing the wire basket. When the above top is added to the equation, the basket becomes a beautifully artistic side table suitable for use anywhere in the home, and especially in busy rooms where it’s sure to be noticed!

Another option for bringing in a designer look to your interior tables is provided by the Elle Table from XL Boom. Available in low, medium and high sizes, the smart side table is retro-tinged to bring an elegant and cultured look ideal for sophisticated and style conscious homes. Available to make a fashionable statement in any room,  the contrasting nature of the white enamel top and aluminium copper coloured legs help the table to become both a fine display piece as well as a hard working surface for the home.




February 22nd, 2018

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