Setting up an indoor garden is a great way to cultivate herbs and vegetables for cooking. Not only will you be able to obtain healthy ingredients for putting into all sorts of dishes, you will also learn about gardening without the need of a separate outdoor space. Growing things in the home is a relaxing hobby, and a lovely method of trying out new things in the kitchen. Here at Dotmaison we love the way new designs have helped to make this whole process easier. Here are some brilliant new products geared towards doing exactly that.

The Nesta White Speckle Planter from Umbra (above) is one such design. The smooth ceramic white bowl is ideal holding a small plant, which is then secured by the metal frame. The whole can be hung or placed on a surface and smartly presents the efforts of indoor gardening.

The Gold Hanging Flower Pot by Bloomingville offers a truly redolent way to present plants indoors. Taking a retro 70’s look and running with it, the pot is delightfully finished in shiny gold. The sleek curvature is ideal for introducing an eye-catching element into the most fashionable of indoor gardens.

Orla Kiely have come up trumps again the Big Spot Herb Pots. The set of three pots each have a small hole in the bottom making them perfect for watering and draining excess moisture. Sitting on their tray, the pots are great for growing herbs and small plants. Adding a colourful and creative look to the whole adventure of indoor gardening, these are great for discovering more about just what is possible.


Orla Kiely have also a range of Grow Your Own pots. The one above is for Basil, but there are also sets for Dill, Chives and Coriander. Decorated with the famous iconography of Orla Kiely, the pots look great on the windowsill or any part of your indoor garden. Arriving with the necessary seeds, soil and full instructions, the sets are perfect for getting down to the some gardening in style!


The Herb Pot Trio by Sagaform is an elegant and easy to use way to bring the outdoors in. Consisting of three pots, each with watering holes, and a tray for keeping them in place, the collection is ideal for growing all kinds of culinary essentials. Mint, basil, coriander or absolutely anything else needed for brightening up a dish, they can all be grown inside, both securely and easily.


January 19th, 2018

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