Time spent in the spa is just the thing for tired bodies and minds. The rejuvenating treatments found in the best spas are a great way to unwind after busy periods at work or as part of a health regimen. Luckily, you don’t have to splash out on brand new shower and bath equipment in order to recreate a spa feel in your own bathroom at home. A wonderfully pampered sense of relaxation and luxury is available by following and applying some simple steps with all items mentioned available now at Dotmaison.


The application of the correct sense of lighting in the bathroom is paramount to producing a calming and soothing atmosphere. Bright overhead lights are not usually a good idea for stretching out in the bath or when experiencing an invigorating shower scrub. Instead, it is a better course of action to invest in some low level lighting that can allow a subtle softening of feeling in the water. How about these tealight holders from LSA to lighten both the bathroom and the mood? The beautiful set of 4 are just the thing to instil a warmth and pleasant lustre to any space, but are especially redolent in the bathroom.




The sense of smell is all important in the spa. A fresh sense of refreshing water spray and replenishing oils and herbs can all work in combination to provide the perfect environment for health and beauty. The oil and thai massage refill from Millefiori Millano is suitable for a number of different reed diffusers and offers a tremendous mixture of fragrance and scent. Another fantastic fragrance product from Millefiori ideal for cultivating a spa like feel in the bathroom is the Natural Fragrance Frame Reed Diffuser featuring a beautiful scent of  mango and papaya. An incredibly stylish item with transparent vials encased within white ceramic frames, the diffuser allows balsa wood sticks to circulate the soothing and transporting aromas throughout the space.




After a long soak in the bath spa it is important to get dry in as calm and peaceful fashion as possible. After all, no one like to rush things, and in the process of getting out of the dreamy world of spa relaxation it far better to take as long as you can! For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure you have the finest towels and robes ready to hand. The Luxury Egyptian Cotton bath robes by Descamps certainly fall into this category, with a soft and absorbent luxuary finish to what is often described as the finest cotton in the world.

Towels should also be on hand. These delightful ross towels by Missoni (above) are a gorgeously created dream of textile playfulness, with the Italian company’s trademark stripes offering a wonderfully dreamy take on the important business of drying off. And there we have it, just like the towels, the effective and inspiring process of spa life at home is all within easy reach…!



February 2nd, 2017

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