Living rooms are primarily spaces for taking it easy, relaxing and, well, living in. They are places for sanctuary from the busy world outside, and, as such, provide us with an opportunity to decompress and take in what has been going on around us. The layout and content of the room itself can help to make this process easier. By adding a carefully selected assortment of decorative items around the room, we can create an interior that signals a desire to unwind and appreciate the finer things in life…

Here at Dotmaison we have been lucky to have discover various items that can work as centrepieces for the living room. High quality designer products, such as the Martello decorative platter (above), are able to reaffirm a commitment to stylish ideas of living and relaxing. The platters by the design team Leonardo are ideal for displaying food a table or as a delightful decoration. The rustic platters are available in three different sizes and could help form a beautiful showpiece for your room.




LSA’s decorative glass globe, above, is available in three complimentary colours and could also provide a show-stopping display piece in the living room. The hand crafted glass is wonderfully finished to give off a warm, almost mystical glow that is sure to create endless fascination for family and friends alike. A peaceful and harmonious object that deserves pride of place in any living room.




The Kubus Bowl from by Lassen  brings together a wealth of creativity and design ideas to provide a beautiful display piece. The steel bowl is available in white, grey, beige and black and can do a beautiful job of finding a home for your smaller home décor items. Designed and produced in Denmark with a focus on quality craftsmanship, the Kubus bowl is truly an eye-catching sight inspirtional in style and context. Avalaible in two sizes, the bowl could help to form a relaxing space away from the stresses of the modern world.



The Stelton – Stockholm Aquatic Bowls (above) combine hand painted sketches inspired by the Baltic sea with a resolute craft of aluminium and cold enamel. Ideal for beautifully displaying around the living room, these bowls are perfect for bringing some calming tranquillity into the home. Available in various sizes, the bowls are also great to pair up with Stelton’s Aquatic vases, which also make use of the brilliant colours and inspiration of the ocean waves.






March 9th, 2017

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