We all know that tradition suggests that a nursery should be blue for a boy and pink for a girl, but will placing these types of limitations help our children develop into the well read, artistic, Mensa members we all dream of? Well, apparently not.

Research has shown that babies respond to a wide and varied range of stimuli and colours, in particular bright and vivid hues such as oranges, purples, reds, bright blues and Barbie pinks. It has also been noted that babies simply are not interested in browns and greys. Despite how great it looks in our living rooms.

So to get the best results from your baby hothouse, it is worthwhile experimenting with different shades on each wall and putting up pictures and wall hanging with brighter and even experimental colours and shapes. Try spirals, cubes, triangles and zig-zags.

1 Funny Frog Fleece Blanket, £20

2 Mushroom Wall Sticker in Yellow, £32

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It is not just the colour of the room which is important. Babies respond to faces more than any other image and seem to be calmed by the presence of photos of smiling people. Even better if those photos are of Mum and Dad. Perhaps a blown up photo could be turned into wallpaper or a blind to give your child that feeling of comfort.

As your baby grows and needs a little more stimulation, try adding texture to the room. It is not only visually pleasing, but as the baby grows, soft cushions, fluffy blankets and smooth silks can all add to the delight of bedtime. Babies sleep well under plain old cotton, but there is nothing wrong with a few accessories.

Whatever your choice may be, there is nothing like love and attention to bring out your child’s best potential, so don’t forget to put a bit of that in your shopping basket too!

February 25th, 2010

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