The last days of the year are getting nearer. Soon it’ll be time to mark the end of 2018 with a celebration!

As the seconds go by on New Year’s Eve, people will be checking their phones, their watches, their TV’s, or simply waiting for the applause and the cheers.

But here at Dotmaison we like the comfort of having the time displayed right in front of us in the home. As well as letting us know exactly what time it is, a well designed wall clock adds character and distinction to a room.

Here are a selection of beautiful designer clocks perfect for this- and every other- time of year! Happy New Year’s!

The Bold55 Steel Index Wall Clock from LEFF Amsterdam is, as its name implies, a bold and impressive clock to deploy on a wall. The straightforward dial is encased in a stainless steel rim and aluminium plate. The embossed dial offers a smart and organised presentation ideal for offices and living areas of the home. Providing perfect function within a solid framework, the clock offers ideal service throughout the year.


A sophisticated styling with some traditional influence make the look and style of the Minimal Copper Wall Clock, Black by Karlsson a great choice for anyone hoping to add some distinction to a room. Providing a featured look to any room in the home, the sweep and movement of the hands is a smooth and seamless. Capable of bringing a sleek and determined look of dutiful design to the home.

Newgate Clock are experts at bringing classic looks and styles of clocks into today’s market with the latest technology and manufacturing techniques. The above Mr Clarke Marker Dial Wall Clock brings in a wonderful combination of dark plywood material and finely marked clock face. Providing a clear, well highlighted vision of the time markings on a white clock face, the right time is always plainly in sight for all to see.


Another offering from Newgate is the Mr Edwards Wall Clock, Matte Blizzard Grey. This piece makes use of premium quality glass protecting the clock-face in perfect style. The matte grey of the bordering edge of the clock brings in a striking contrast with the pure white of the face and black numerals. Ideal for a clear and concise look at the time, the stylish look of the clock would be well suited to anywhere where residents and guests congregate. A living room or kitchen could be an ideal home for the clock.

December 31st, 2018

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