So it’s the middle of a busy week and things don’t look like slowing down any time soon. Stressful? Tiring? Almost certainly. But, even at times like this, there’s no need to stint on quality evening meals.

It’s totally possible to prepare and cook healthy, nutritious, and above all else, tasty, food quickly and without too much effort. You just to make sure you have the best equipment!

Here at Dotmaison we know how frustrating it can be to be in the kitchen trying to cook something speedily and to find at the last moment that you don’t have the vital implement necessary for the meal or the right piece of equipment to complete the cooking.

Ensure that never happens by making the most of high quality designer cookware to get the very best out of your kitchen. Here are some ideas from us here in the kitchen!

Kuhn Rikon’s series Easy Induction Frying Pans offers a lightweight and high-quality solution for getting a meal cooked over the hob in fine style. Ideal for everyday use, the non stick pans are available in three sizes. Made from aluminium, the strong and versatile pans are easy to clean and look after.

Quick meals also need quick preparation. And quick prep means having the right chopping board as well as the right set of knives for the job. Have a look at these selections to put on the right track for a speedy weekday meal.

The Chopping Board, Large from Zone Denmark comes in range of different colours and offers a great chance to get properly equipped for any food preparation.

The extra hard make up of the board is great for quick chopping and slicing. There are also silicone corners to stop any slippage or moving about while in use. Easy to clean and look after, the durable plastic board is easy to clean and look after.

And if you’re going to be chopping, you’re going to need a knife! The Kuhn Rikon Noir Kitchen Knives are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can find the one that’s just right for your needs in the kitchen. Every meal can be prepared in fine style when you’re chopping, slicing and dicing with one of these superlative designs.

The final factor in the quick meal is what to serve the meal from. A plate, a dish or a bowl, quick stir-fry meals and the like can be served however you like, but to my mind, a deep bowled plate is often best.

The Dine Rimmed Pasta Plate by LSA offers a large bowled plate that is just the thing for pasta, rice and noodle dishes cooked up on the hob. The set of four porcelain dishes offers a simple, contemporary design that’s ideal when you want to serve a delicious, quick weekday meal!

February 15th, 2019

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