Designed by interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Oliver Hannaert, the Pantone Hotel in the heart of Brussels is a dream destination for anyone searching out the best in luxury and design.

Pantone Inc. is most noted for their colourful Pantone Matching System which incorporates the use of numbers to identify colours. The system quickly became the standard for designers and printers worldwide after its inception 45 years ago. This allows designers to match colours anywhere in the world. It is this love of colour which has been a prime influence in this hotel.

In the future Pantone hope to add colour matching across genres, for example matching the colour on the walls to the colour of the furnishings and accessories. This is something they have achieved with the hotel décor. In fact, Pantone have branded the idea of colour – if that is possible.

The Pantone hotel has been built as part of the Pantone Universe, a collection of interior and consumer products including sneakers, cosmetics, accessories, stationery and the famous Pantone Mugs. All products are available for sale at the hotel and are on display and in use throughout.

The hotel uses a palette of the colours of the rainbow, from light pastel hues through to the brightest and boldest shades. All are set on a white background to bring out the bold use of colour. The 59 bedrooms feature white walls and bedlinen, highlighted by splashes of colour from seven Pantone colour palettes.

For those who fancy a little one on one with a Pantone Colour consultant, the hotel also offers on-site consultations and seminars on colour trends. They can even help the guest to decide what colour suits their mood.

Despite the obvious love of everything to do with colour and its relationship with the hotel guests, the designers have been careful not to overdo the splashes of colour, ensuring that visitors are not overwhelmed with brand images at every turn.

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July 30th, 2010

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