Not so long ago, the idea of using wall paper to re-texture a living space would have been seen as being old fashioned and out of step. Recently, however, wallpaper has made a strident come-back in the fashion and style ideas of innovative interior designers and modern residents with a taste for playful creativity.


The number one advantage of using wall paper over paint is just how long it can last. A proficiently wall papered surface could last for up to 15 years, or about three times as long as paint. It also conveys a warmth and detailed prestige to a room that may otherwise be lacking. The strength of a beautifully designed wall paper print allows a designer plenty of scope to play ideas off against just one or all of a room’s walls. This quite literal advantage is at the forefront of wallpaper’s popularity and potential for providing the stimulus for design and decorating adventure!


(Above: Confetti Wall Paper by Ferm Living)

A design company that knows all about these advantages is the Danish group Ferm Living. Their Confetti wall paper is available in grey, mint, off white and rose and can offer a lively and energetic look to any room in the home. Sprinkled with gold coloured confetti and printed on high quality paper, the easy to hang or paste wall paper brings a welcoming touch of joy to the home.  Easy to care for and apply, the Wall Smart paper is perfectly balanced to provide a beautiful modernist look to any room. If this sounds like something you’d like to try why nor request a free sample from us here at

October 18th, 2016

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