Christmas is a time for sharing. Sharing in food, drink and the company of friends and family are all part of the overall holiday experience. Added to this – and some may say an essential aspect – is the giving and receiving of presents. This Christmas tradition marks the time of year in a show of gratitude for the time and a way of saying thanks to loved ones. It’s also a great feeling to choose a lovely present and give it out. Also great when you get one back as well!

Knowing as we do that choosing a Christmas gift for people isn’t always the easiest, here at Dotmaison we have compiled a helpful collection of ideas for finding the best presents for everyone in your life.

Finding the perfect present for someone comes down to a mixture of knowledge, communication and inspiration. These three groupings are the basis for the process.

Knowledge in the fact that you need to know a bit about what the person likes and doesn’t like. Communication in order to listen to any hints the person may offer for what they might like. And inspiration, that impulse you get without explanation when you see something you  just know will be right for someone. By using these three principles – and a bit of help from our lists – you can get a good way along the road of finding the best gifts for your nearest and dearest!


Sometimes designers provide even more help. Take the fantastic Best Wishes Diffuser and Candle Set by Millefiori Milano for example. The luxurious gift box presenting the diffuser and candle would make a beautiful gift for anyone eager to experience the wonderful fragrance created by the expert perfumiers. As a memory of a sweet smelling Christmas the box set would be hard to beat.


Sticking to the theme of wonderfully presented gift box ideas, the Citrus Bloom Lunch Box by Ted Baker is perfect for those in your life who love to lunch in style. The designer box comes  beautifully decorated with the summery sight of flowers, bees and lemons, just the thing to offer warming thoughts this winter.  Containing a 3 piece cutlery set, the box is ideal for busy people on the go. It certainly provides a more attractive prospect than a standard container or plastic bag.

Both of the above are great examples of gifts that could appeal to a wide variety of people while also showing the person in question that you have thought carefully about the selection. There is a wide range of ideas to look out for, so why not make the most of what’s available?




November 29th, 2016

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