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A lovely helping of Scandinavian art and craft is a fantastic way of brightening up your home. By melding traditional, iconic looks with the best in production techniques and values, the labels Kay Bojesen and Normann Copenhagen succeed in bringing beautiful home decorations to life. The Skier Boje, Boy by Kay Bojesen for example is… Read More

Having the option to use an extra side table when neccessary is a good one indeed. As well as extra space for drinks and plates of snacks come party time, the tables can act as fantastic design statement pieces. This view is given plenty of credence when you take in the statement pieces on offer… Read More

The winter months are often a time when many of us start to think about travel plans. This could be down to a number of reasons, and possibly the colder weather might be one of them, but most of all it’s just that it can take a while to organise times and dates. If you… Read More