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Food and Drink

The best features of classic Danish design could be said to be its style, its understated artistry, its minimal pragmatism matched to elegance, and focused beauty. Here at at Dotmaison we love how well Danish design offers all of these things in abundance. Design teams such as Stelton recognise this, drawing on influences from renowned… Read More

When it comes to enjoying a meal at home, the tableware and layout of the dining cutlery is often the first thing that diners notice. It’s therefore a great idea to think about the best ways to make an impression with beautifully made cutlery and tableware. Even before the food arrives on the table, the… Read More

Whatever time of year it is, being able to confidently use the kitchen for coming up with delicious home recipes and dining ideas is of prime importance. Here at Dotmaison we know that everyone has their likes and their dislikes, as well as alternating experience and culinary skill-sets, but there are a few things that… Read More