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Eco Design

Ah, New Year’s resolutions. We may do our best to try and keep them, but for whatever reason they wind up escaping us further down the line. The key to keeping them is to instill them with a sense of fun and positivity. This can be done by thinking carefully about the benefits, both short-term… Read More

Bringing stationary items and lifestyle accessories right up to date are the sublime offerings from Designworks Ink. The Nashville, USA based company trades in a striking style and environmentally-aware production that provides great products for busy lives. Daily planners, organisers and notepads join forces with sustainable straw-sets to bring real charm and glamour to the… Read More

Koziol is a brand well versed in finding sustainable and organix solutions for creating beautifully smart homeware. Made in Germany for almost 100 years, the label is a one stop shop for inspiring designs for use throughout the home. Using state-of-the-art technologies and expert development, Koziol produce striking new work without thermoset plastics, softeners or… Read More