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Eco Design

Bringing stationary items and lifestyle accessories right up to date are the sublime offerings from Designworks Ink. The Nashville, USA based company trades in a striking style and environmentally-aware production that provides great products for busy lives. Daily planners, organisers and notepads join forces with sustainable straw-sets to bring real charm and glamour to the… Read More

Koziol is a brand well versed in finding sustainable and organix solutions for creating beautifully smart homeware. Made in Germany for almost 100 years, the label is a one stop shop for inspiring designs for use throughout the home. Using state-of-the-art technologies and expert development, Koziol produce striking new work without thermoset plastics, softeners or… Read More

Whether you’re a student studying all day ahead of exams, an aspiring writer, or simply someone keeping track of busy activities with scribbled notes, the ability to create a written record of ideas and plans is always useful to have. When you can add a stylish look and design to this valuable commodity it is… Read More