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Eco Design

Getting the right balance of lighting in the home is key to the whole process of interior design. Having a good combination of soft mood lighting where appropriate and more focused task lighting for specific rooms and activities all requires careful consideration. It’s also a good idea to take notice of the latest LED technology…. Read More

The German brand Blomus is famed the world over for an inspired fusion of practicality and style. Comfortable across a wide selection of modern home decor products, the company can always be relied on to bring an exciting look to the home. Here at Dotmaison we love how well they develop new ideas with a skilled… Read More

Of all the basic necessities needed around the home in order to get things done, light and illumination is one of the most fundamental. The ability to simply flick a switch and have instant light is something we all take for granted. As these stunning designs from Tala show however, just because something is so… Read More