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Art and Design

Bringing stationary items and lifestyle accessories right up to date are the sublime offerings from Designworks Ink. The Nashville, USA based company trades in a striking style and environmentally-aware production that provides great products for busy lives. Daily planners, organisers and notepads join forces with sustainable straw-sets to bring real charm and glamour to the… Read More

Mirrors are an essential item in the home. The option of using a designer looking glass in bathrooms, halls, bedrooms and living space offers an extra dimension of space in all sorts of interiors. Having the space to be able to groom and style as desired is also a major strength of having easily accessible… Read More

Whatever time of year it is, being able to confidently use the kitchen for coming up with delicious home recipes and dining ideas is of prime importance. Here at Dotmaison we know that everyone has their likes and their dislikes, as well as alternating experience and culinary skill-sets, but there are a few things that… Read More