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Art and Design


Making a home nice and comfortable often depends on space. Not exactly how much space, but how that space is used. This can quickly come down to making some all-important storage decisions and attempting to de-clutter interiors. This isn’t always easy, but luckily some top designer products can offer some assistance in the art of… Read More


Ideas about how best to enhance interior walls have been rapidly changing in recent years. Whereas once a simple paint job was preferred to anything too creative and design led, there is now a greater impetus on individual and unique expression. This can take many different forms with the application of wall art, wallpaper and… Read More


This season why not break free of the usual conventional ideas in the home and think dynamic, modern and orderly shapes to lend an instant air of chic to any area of the home or work-space. Think geometry – sharp angles, daring curves and sophisticated, bold patterns. This sense of style can easily complement your… Read More