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The best features of classic Danish design could be said to be its style, its understated artistry, its minimal pragmatism matched to elegance, and focused beauty. Here at at Dotmaison we love how well Danish design offers all of these things in abundance. Design teams such as Stelton recognise this, drawing on influences from renowned… Read More

Kahler are a name synonymous with craft and precision. The Scandinavian company have built up a strong reputation over its long history for bringing a studied finesse to all of its products and designs. Well known for ceramic and pottery items, its latest collection combines the beautiful work of the labels’s handcraft with candle light… Read More

The best forms of art can provide a transporting effect or an exhilarating flight of fancy. NEXT Architects have taken these ideas of wonder in order to create this incredible sculptural staircase. ┬áLocated in Rotterdam, Holland, the piece is part of a local art project entitled the ‘elastic perspective’. Offering visitors the chance to climb… Read More