Above: Hector the Dog Espresso Cup and Saucer

All across the world, households have a loved pet to look after. Dogs are certainly one of the favoured animals for families to care for, possibly even topping their greatest rival the cat. They are after all (hu)man’s best friend!

To celebrate this fact, we thought it’d be a fun idea to take a look at the designer items inspired by the four legged hounds. Here at Dotmaison we love the creatures, both big and small, and love seeing how designers and production companies incorporate them into their ideas. Here are a few original items currently in stock for all those partial to a pooch!

Lupita dog bowl

The Italian designers Alessi have a great affinity with animals and their skill in capturing the fun and playfulness of home pets comes out in full in their Dog Bowls. Both the Lupita range (above) and the Lula dog bowls bring out an energetic fun that is hard to ignore. Much like the furry friends themselves!

Alessi dog bowls

Designed by Miriam Mirri, the Lula Dog Bowl in particular has an effortless ability to provide some of the joy associated with looking after a pet dog. Produced in thermoplastic resin and stainless steel, the bowl is a tough and long lasting article perfect for filling up with Fido’s favourites!

Dogs like Driving

We all know how much dogs like playing (and eating!) but do they really like driving? This hand-printed cushion by Emma Bridgewater assures us in artful splendour that they certainly do! Featuring a  jeep driven by a smarter than average  dog, the beautifully finished cushion is a funny and original take on the dogs interaction with the human world. Finished with blue piping and created with 100% Polyester, the cushion would look great in any dog lover’s bedroom or living room!



August 26th, 2016

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