The holiday season is for many, all about meeting friends and family and celebrating the time of year with them. Here at Dotmaison we can totally understand that! And when it comes to celebrations, after Christmas time, the next big one to look forward is New Year’s Eve and the passing of another year.┬áNew Year’s Eve celebrations often take the form of a house party, and if you happen to be hosting this time round there are a few ways to create a memorable event.

First off, aim to be well supplied with food and drinks. Even if it’s just a gathering of people looking forward to hanging out and seeing in the New Year, rather than a formal meal, it always makes sense to have plenty of snacks and a selection of drinks.

Secondly, perhaps think about the atmosphere of the party. Some music is always a good idea for a party, so bring out some suitable collections on the computer (or use an online music finder) and leave it running for maximum convenience. Other than that, there is the option of having New Year’s celebrations beamed into the living room via the TV or radio.

Finally, comfort is key. Have plenty of cushions and seating provision set up around the home to help out during the course of the long evening. Space them out logically so that those who want to have a dance can do without getting in the way of those who just want to relax. Either way, the main priority is always that everyone has an enjoyable and fun time!

A great way to ensure your guests are well looked after with the Spiritii Glassware Collection by Leonardo (above). The range includes everything you could possibly wish for when holding a New Year’s Eve party. Serve drinks into the superbly designed range of glasses encompassing everything that a well stocked bar should have. Wines, spirits and, of course, champagne, each have their own specific glass and share an Art Deco styling and high quality shatter resistant glass. Perfect for celebratory drinks.

Guests looking forward to a cocktail on the evening of the party are well served by the Collar Cocktail Shaker by Stelton. Making use of Teflon coated stainless steel and a design that draws together Italian and Scandinavian elements, the shaker is easy to use and capable of producing the perfect mix. Ideal for those who like their drinks shaken, not stirred, the shaker holds up to 500ml and arrives with a sieve and two measuring cups.

Every party needs its snacks, and when they can be as healthy and tasty as olives, then all the better. The Lotta Olive Set from LSA offers party organisers the chance to serve up olives and snacks during the occasion. The ash wood base beautifully complements the three smoothly finished porcelain pots to a high degree of sophisticated style. Perfect for social occasions at home, the set is a feature that can be relied on to keep people in the right spirit, this NYE and beyond!




December 26th, 2017

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