A room really becomes homely and comfortable when you start thinking about the finer details. By placing flowers and plants in attractively designed vases, you can bring out a fascinating centrepiece to the interior.

Gorgeous vases look brilliantly inviting on a table top or standing free against a room wall. Either with flowers or without, a designer vase will offer a grandness and an opulence to a home interior. As a way of bringing in a calm and soothing attention to detail, they are great way to heightening a room’s energy and vivacity.

Take a look at the following ideas in designer vases to get an idea of exactly what is possible!

The above Hot Spots Vase from Rosenthal is an eye-catching way to create an impression in any room. Acting as a striking centrepiece and interior feature, the vase makes the most of its colourful design and high-quality crafted porcelain to make a big impact.

Ideal to show off cut flowers and plants, or as a free standing ornament, the wonderfully produced vase is available in a wide spectrum of colours. Giving off a powerful, mesmeric effect, the vase is made up of a collection of distinctly different surfaces and angles, all of which help to form the captivating whole.

Something completely different is offered by the Lia Vase 21cm from Leonardo. Due to its hand-blown glass production process, each vase is guaranteed a unique appearance. As a way of presenting a whole new look to any room or interior, the Lia Vase is a lovely option. Capable of bringing a fascinating style to the home, the vase is available in colours of green/yellow, and blue/red.

A classic, timeless design is offered by the Omaggio Vases, Rose from
Kähler. The elegant pattern of beautifully orchestrated lines on the high quality ceramic is capable of lifting any space it’s used in to an elevated position of style and striking beauty.

Designed by Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft for
Kähler, the vases feature a hand-painted production making the most of defined brush strokes to display a charming, old-world finesse. The simple but perfectly made vases are available in a variety of sizes, and will add a memorable attractiveness to any room.

Villeroy & Boch are certainly a homeware force to be reckoned with. The company have created the exquisitely produced Drop Vases, beautifully styled pieces that are able to provide a wonderful effect wherever they are used.

Available in a variety of colours, the large drop vase uses a simple design to allow any flowers or plants to spring forward and act as the star feature. As a platform for lovely collections of natural beauty, it really provides space to let them breath. The coloured and expertly finished glass brings a lovely all round look to the piece. Sure to capture the attention of both friends and family alike, the vase could make a gorgeous present to a loved one at any time of the year.

February 19th, 2019

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