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The perfect cuppa is a sought after comodity at Dotmaison HQ! Whether you’re a fan of starting the day with an espresso, or get your daily fix from a mid-morning cappuccino, brewing the perfect cup of coffee involves not only having a good quality coffee, but also the right equipment. Ground Coffee Instant coffee may… Read More

Clocks have come a long way over the years, from their humble beginnings as mere timepieces, to design statements in their own right. If you’re looking for a funky modern wall clock for your home, then there are some great designs at Dotmaison to choose from. Do It Yourself Wall Clocks Some of the creative… Read More

Statement or focus walls are a great way of making one wall in a room a good focal point. They can bring your interior decorating ideas together, give you the opportunity to experiment, be creative and inject colour and personality into a room. If you’ve been thinking of creating a statement wall in your home,… Read More