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The last few weeks have been an exciting time for Dotmaison. We’ve taken our first steps into the world of print and we like it! The Dotmaison look book shares some great gift ideas and offers some suggestions on how to add a hint of pazzaz to your home! Past customers will find one on… Read More

South Korean designer Seo Sung-Hyeop’s eccentric piece of storage furniture literally turns accepted ideas of form and symmetry on its head. Taking its cue from the idea of the oblique, the non-standard and the unconventional, the piece breaks rules but works in an exciting new way. Thanks: Seo SungHyeop Design

Clocks on sale at Dotmaison by dotmaison on Crazy Dogs Lisa Glass Wall Clock by Karlsson One to Twelve Wall Clock, Chrome by Karlsson Mixed Numbers Silver Wall Clock by Karlsson 12-6 Mega Disk Wall Clock by Karlsson Vintage Round Black Wall Clock by Karlsson Index Black Glass Wall… Read More