Barbecues are, on the whole, seen as an outdoors activity. The Australian, American or Northern European idea of the garden grill accompanied by a few tins of lager is a strong and enduring one. However, barbecues are just as popular in other parts of the world. Take Greece, for example, which is home to this barbecue restaurant – named BarQue – in Athens.

Designed by architects K-Studio, they were inspired by the very idea of barbecuing when exploring the concept for the restaurant. Featuring a remarkable chandelier made from glass jam jars and mirroring some of the look of butcher’s work tables, the eatery is an intriguing looking place.

The multitude of natural wood contrasts neatly with the black steel ceiling and the glow of the open fire kitchen. For a superior take on flame grilled dishes, BarQue looks like somewhere to try out!

For more information on the work of K-Studio please check out their site.

April 30th, 2012

Posted In: Interior Design

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