There is something fun and reassuring about the word ‘trivet’. It sounds playful and elegant, calling to mind cultivated time spent doing relaxing and useful activities. But aside from the nature of the word itself, the item being described is a practical solution to protecting surfaces from the heat of cooking. Here at Dotmaison, we appreciate anything that makes cooking a safer and more rewarding experience. The following designer trivets do exactly that.


Zone Denmark’s Daisy Silicone Trivet (above, in black) is a highly stylised decorative trivet capable of protecting surfaces up to 250°C. The trivets can be mixed with the other colours in the series to apply a creative pattern in and around the kitchen. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the trivet brings practicality and modern design into everyday kitchen activities.

The Adjustable Element Tripod Trivet by Alessi offers a sophisticated and modern edge to the art of trivet protection and balance. The four trivets collated in this collection have been crafted through a skilful engineering of metal processing, with the tripod shaped providing functionality along with superior design flair.

The Magnet Trivet by Eva Solo is ideal for when you need to rest hot saucepans and pots on surfaces. Easy to use and store, the trivet works by placing down in a cross shape. It is also able to split into two so that you have a choice of what size to use. The magnetic nature of the trivet means that it will attach itself to the bottom of the pans when you are moving them from hob to surface. When the job is complete it can be easily folded up and stored.


Another of Zone Denmark’s creations, the Origami Wave Trivet, makes use of a wonderfully innovative design inspired by the Japanese folding paper art of origami. The creative product, available in four different colours, brings a delicate style to the kitchen. Produced with the material of silicone, the trivet is strong and durable and will protect surfaces from the intense heat given off through cooking.

March 16th, 2018

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