The best forms of art can provide a transporting effect or an exhilarating flight of fancy. NEXT Architects have taken these ideas of wonder in order to create this incredible sculptural staircase. ¬†Located in Rotterdam, Holland, the piece is part of a local art project entitled the ‘elastic perspective’.

Offering visitors the chance to climb the steps and view the Rotterdam skyline, the piece is made up of a rust coloured strip. Based around the idea and principal of the Möbius strip Рa surface with only one side Рthe stairs bend and turn seemingly without beginning or end.

Located in the Rotterdam suburb of Carnisselande, the designers set out to capture some of the ambiguous feelings attributed by the suburbanites towards their mother city.
As the designers put it; the stairway “forces them to retrace their steps back into their suburban reality. Rotterdam, by tram just minutes away, but in perception and experience tucked behind infrastructure and noise barriers; far away, so close.”

March 20th, 2014

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