Bringing a vibrant sense of lively activity to their new holiday home designs,¬†Studio Koossino‘s artful buildings certainly stand out from the crowd. The South Korean designs are located at a botanic garden park just outside of the capital Seoul and make great use of bright yellow colours and an asymmetric structure. ¬†Working beautifully as a relaxing conceptual series, the homes are evidence of a superb dedication to modern styling…

Influenced by the historic stone statues of Easter Island, the six bright holiday home residences make use of a heavy concrete base and cantilevered upper floors of stunning yellow panelling.

Photography is by Jae Seong Lee

The interiors also make use of this energetic yellow hue, contrasting with stately whites and greys. The homes act as a perfect welcome to the area and can leave visitors with a beautifully peaceful reminder of the area.

March 7th, 2014

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