The designers at Zone Denmark have a knack for creating a wonderful combination of style, finesse and practical usability that offers homes a chance to revel in a Scandinavian sense of style and cool finishing. Here at Dotmaison we love the way the brand presents practical solutions to every day activities packaged in the smartest and most attractive of ways.  The Danish company sets out to bring new designers with exciting ideas into their threshold and regularly bring out unique and original products for the home.

Here are a few of the items currently available at Dotmaison. Take a look!


A large helping of the intense creativity and dedication to artistic engagement is offered by the Dry Art Squares Tea Towel. Featuring a premium quality of 100 % Indian cotton, the hugely popular designs by Lasse Sortkaer have been produced to give a professional approach to drying kitchen items every time. The quick drying tea towels can be machine washed and provide a vital and great looking option for busy kitchens.


The Copper Bathroom Set by Zone Denmark showcases the designer’s ability to fuse the glamorous with the hard working in fine style.  The copper two piece bathroom set provides a superb modernist finish to any bathroom. The soap dispenser and toothbrush mug double-act never fails to impress and will highlight a cool and sophisticated edge. Zone Denmark’s trademark affinity with fine materials is clear, with the fine porcelain and copper finishing providing a classy level of detail.This limited edition set is clearly one for aficionados of taste.




Similarly, the Daisy Silicone Trivet present an eye-catching design for an eminently practical use. The beautifully decorative daisy trivets from Zone Denmark are ideal for keeping the heat from cooking items at bay and are perfect for protecting surfaces in the kitchen and the dinning room. Made of silicone and heat resistant up to 250°C the daisy flower image can be wonderfully mixed with other floral items to create a calm and relaxed environment.


Finally the team at Zone Denmark also work wonders with the essential items of bath towels. The prime bath towel for example, offers a luxurious and attractive cotton yarn in a alternating pattern of checkers and stripes. Available in a wide range of colours, the towels are further evidence of the brands’s commitment to style, practicality and great design!



May 23rd, 2017

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