Many of us have a need for a cup of tea or coffee to get us going in the morning. But rather than simply taking it as a habitual need, it is hugely satisfying when the ritual of a hot drink has a bit of style and class added to it.

The most creative of¬†designers have long appreciated the desire for customers to elevate the daily essentials into something a bit more tasteful and glamorous. After all, taking a break from work and enjoying tea or coffee in the best of style deserves particular attention! Here are a few items currently available from Dotmaison that are guaranteed to attract the admiring glances in the kitchen or the living room…

Guzzine coffee cup

The Gocce espresso cup with red saucer by Guzzini shows off the brand’s attractive style to the full. Fashioned out of the best porcelain and plastic hybrid, the piece from the company is just one of a greater range of art deco inspired kitchen essentials from the Italian designers.

LSA Jazz espresso cup and saucer

LSA are another company that can lay claim to a cutting edge creativity. The Jazz Espresso cups and saucers capture an alluring sense of style and abstract expressionism. Perfect for bringing out the artistic side of things when serving up a coffee!

LSA teapot

Of course a break for a hot drink isn’t all about the coffee. ¬†As the above clearly shows, LSA are also dedicated to bringing out the best for tea lovers too. The Dine Teapot is just right for brewing up a cuppa with real class. and quality. Head over to Dotmaison and see exactly where your love of a tea break can lead you…

April 29th, 2016

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