Alessi is a company well versed in bringing out a sharp combination of contemporary design and unique pop culture. The Italian production team have been working with creative designers for over 70 years, and continue to offer beautifully made pieces to the world.

The Girotondo series has been a favorite of the Alessi empire over the years. The iconic cut-out human silhouette shapes layered across dozens of artistic pieces and ornaments have formed a striking reminder of how effective Alessi products can be.

The following items – available now at Dotmaison – also provide evidence of how well the series can bring out an opulence and glamorous side.

The above Girotondo Fruit Bowl Limited Edition Gold is a stunning example of how well the company does striking artfulness. Available in three sizes, the bowl is made in stainless steel and hand gold-plated in 24 carat gold.

Featuring the world-famous cut out forms of stick figures, the bowl is limited to just 999 pieces, and has been created to celebrate the recent anniversary of the Girotondo series. Certain to take centre stage wherever and however it’s used, the fantastic fruit bowl is always sure to make an impression.

Also celebrating the incredible designs of Girotondo and its successful work with Alessi is the above Girotondo Tray. Available in a limited edition, the tray provides a luxurious beauty for using when you really want to create a mood of glamour and opulence.

The fashionable and hard working tray works brilliantly alongside the Girotondo Fruit Bowl and brings with it a matching sense of finery. 24 carat gold plating brings out the fine curves brilliantly well, with the cut out figures helping to create a timeless look of effective beauty. As part of the limited edition Alessi Girotondo Collection the series of 999 arrives in special anniversary packaging.

Here at Dotmaison we also love the Girotondo Fruit Bowl in its other guises. How about the Girotondo Fruit Bowl in black? Designed by the King-Kong design team, who, as we have learned, have been working with Alessi for over 30 years, the stainless steel bowl perfectly displays the exceptional cut-out creativity on show.

The Girotondo fruit bowl is also available in stainless steel. This piece also proudly shows off the great design at work.

On the evidence of all the fantastic products we’ve seen, the Girotondo series from King Kong working with Alessi is certainly a match well made!

March 29th, 2019

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