It doesn’t seem that long ago that the good old-fashioned rubbish bin was an embarrassment. It would often be hidden away from view or found lurking in a dark corner, out of sight and out of mind. Not any more. Household bins have under gone something of a revolution and the designer bin has well and truly arrived. So push aside your dull old bin and introduce something more special. After all every room in the home needs a bin so why hide it. We are talking sleek and stylish, technical and eye-catching. Indeed some bins look so good it seems a shame to fill them with rubbish.

Without a doubt modern designer bins are a huge improvement on their ancestors and can blend into or enhance most interior design themes in the home. Found in a variety of shapes and colours, capacities and styles, designer bins are often made from shiny alloys that project a modern, trendy feel. The Eva Solo stainless steel waste bin looks amazing.

Others are made from plastic, wood, sisal and even paper. Check out the paper bin by Essey. Whether it’s a pedal bin, a bin with a swing lid or one with multi-compartments, designer bins are here to stay. The award winning and design icon design Vipp bin is a great addition to any room.

Designer bins have a practical side to them too. The Brabantia Twin Bin with its ‘soft touch’ lid provides two bins in one for easy waste separation. A useful product in our increasingly environmentally conscious world.
Who would have thought there would be so much to say about the household bin?

July 19th, 2010

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