Colour has the power to transform. A touch of a daring shade or a bold splash of contrasting colours can make the difference between a workable but plain interior space and a memorable and winning room. We welcome this approach at Dotmaison and this intriguing piece from Dutch designer Bas Kamp is certainly fearless in its use of colour. The idea for the bookcase, according to its creator, came from the simple colour wheel. Kamp was interested in finding a different way of ordering books. Instead of grouping books together alphabetically, or by genre, or by size, he struck on the original idea of putting them together by their colour.

The Color Cupboard – as it is known – would surely make quite a statement in any living room or study. Visually appealing to children as well as adults, the colours of the bookcases’s shelves beautifully contrast with the pure white wood of the structural design. Reading and collecting books can be transformed into something remarkably different with this simple yet effective design. A colourful wheel of fortune!

For more information on Bas Kamp and his other projects please visit his website All images from Bas Kamp.

June 23rd, 2011

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