Sticking to a diet in order to lose weight or just to remain fit and healthy isn’t always easy. It can be a very simple thing to let temptation take over and to overload on snacks and chocolate But what if your own cutlery was on hand to help you out?  That’s the idea behind the Hapifork, an electronic fork that monitors eating habits.

The fork vibrates and lights up when a user is eating too quickly, reminding eaters to consume at a sensible pace. According to the developers, eating too quickly leads to problems with digestion and weight control. The fork also measures how long a meal takes to eat and the amount of ‘fork servings’ in each meal.

All of the data can then be transferred via USB to an online program monitoring progress. As a hi-tech aid to sensible eating, the smart fork could be key!

Dotmaison have a fantastic selection of somewhat more classic cutlery available now… eat well (and healthily!)

January 30th, 2013

Posted In: Product

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