Clothes shopping can sometimes be a bit like stepping into the shadows. The elements of curiosity and possibilities all add up to an experience that can be exhilarating with more than a hint of confusion. With their basement design for east London based menswear retailer Hostem, British designers JamesPlumb have turned all of this into a beautiful reality.

The designers James Russell and Hannah Plumb were commissioned with the task of creating an appropriate setting for Hostem’s most exclusive collections. The basement, known as The Chalk Room, is dedicated to the store’s bespoke fitting service, which provides made to measure garments and accessories. Superbly finished furniture items from JamesPlumb are also available.

Overall, the space gives off a calming and classic atmosphere, offering the shopper a feeling of exclusivity and selectiveness.

For more on JamesPlumb, check out their site.

June 28th, 2013

Posted In: Interior Design

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