As much as we love our caffeine here at Dotmasion, we’ve never seen a coffee machine like this before! This amazing looking device is, believe it or not, a coffee maker. The gun shaped machine fires a single espresso into your cup when ready to draw, giving a new meaning to the word ‘shot’! The clever concept, dreamed up by Nikolaus Schwarz, Stefan Rigebauer, Florian Kainz and Christina Carli, is based on the aim to eradicate the waste that traditional espresso makers often create.

The designers say that Il Tiro is a lot more effective than other machines currently on the market, a claim backed up by the fact that the capsule is reusable and the only waste comes from the coffee grounds themselves. For now the Espresso Gun remains a very neat idea, but hopefully soon the idea will come out all guns blazing! Lock and load!

For more information on the Il Tiro concept please visit the designers’ showroom

More traditional ways of brewing coffee from Alessi and Bodum can be found here

May 31st, 2011

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