Traditional mazes are a terrific feature of medieval castle grounds and gardens. Ideal for getting lost in the real spirit and nature of a place they represent how architectural design can have an immediate and profound impact upon our senses. This example created in the gardens of Denmark’s Rosenborg Castle is a brilliant example of how to set these intricate areas up for the maximum experience.

Created by Dutch architects FABRIC after they won the commission to design a new public space for visitors to the castle. The designers used 2967 pieces of spruce wood to create the maze-like intersecting circles of walls.

The project’s title Trylletromler is the Danish word for a zoetrope. ¬†These devices are cylinders which display a series of pictures that give the impression of movement. An early inspiration for cinema, the zoetrope holds a special place in the affections of all accomplished designers.

November 25th, 2013

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